Advantages of Group Piano

Music educators and piano teachers have enumerated the many advantages of group teaching including the valuable learning atmosphere that it fosters.  Studies have also found that group instruction is effective in developing both performance and musicianship skills.  Advantages include:

  1. Provides confidence in playing for others.
    Weekly performance opportunities
  1. Aids students in developing rhythmic security.
    Rhythm games and activities
  1. Develops concentration by maintaining one’s own part while hearing others play.
    Ensemble Playing activities
  1. Allows students to broaden their musical experiences.
    Improvisation, composition, ensemble playing
  1. Exposes students to a variety of music
    Both piano music and other genres
  1. Provides a friendly and encouraging atmosphere.
    Students learn and experience teamwork
  1. Allows the teacher to present music fundamentals in a shorter time than if she were making the presentation to individual students.
    Board work, flash cards, and theory games
  1. Fosters an atmosphere that is conducive to the effective teaching of a variety of skills such as listening, pitch matching, singing, rhythm, movement and music appreciation.
    Activities that are fun to experience with others
  1. Facilitates the performance of ensembles.
    Experiencing the joy of making music with others
  1. Establishes a sense of group spirit and group dynamics that increases motivation.
    Positive peer pressure
  1. Fosters the development of communication skills.
    Speaking and playing in front of others
  1. Allows students to learn from peers as well as from teacher.
    Relating to students of similar age and level
  1. Provides a setting where drills and exercises can be more interesting and motivating.
    Challenges students to try harder
  1. Increases attention span, allowing the lesson time to be longer than private lessons.
    Variety of activities and learning experiences