We believe in music.

We passionately believe in the transformational and healing power of music making in everyone's life. Discover the music that lives within you. For the young and the young at heart, every life needs music!

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We believe in music.

We passionately believe in the transformational and healing power of music making in everyone's life. Discover the music that lives within you. For the young and the young at heart, every life needs music!
Valley Keyboards & The Piano Gallery

Over 40 Years of Experience

Everything we do is based on our love and passion for music and music education. Since 1979, we have been helping artists, teachers, students and music hobbyists enrich their lives and those around them through music making and music appreciation. Our company’s guiding values are rooted in this simple and compelling belief that making music is for everyone. For the young and the young at heart, Every Life Needs Music! We are privileged to sell the world’s finest pianos and organs and offer the best new and used piano values in every price range. Every Life Needs Music!

Our Mission

Welcome to online home for Valley Keyboards Inc. of McAllen, Texas and The Piano Gallery of Corpus Christi, Texas. Our company’s mission and guiding values are based on the simple and compelling belief that music is for everyone. We believe passionately about the value of music education and recreational music making for everyone in society. Every life needs music!

We would like to encourage you and your family to discover the music that lives within you. Playing music at any level and any age enhances life. You are never too old and it is never too late to learn. Our motto is You Can Play! We Guarantee It!

Playing the piano is an amazing experience. Having a good piano to play will ensure that your musical adventure is more fun and fulfilling. Whether you are looking for a piano or organ for your home, church or school, we can provide expert advice to help you select the perfect instrument.

Established in 1978, our companies are recognized leaders in the piano business and music education. We are professional, educated, experienced piano and organ specialists and are privileged to represent the world’s finest piano and organ manufacturers.

Our Commitment


It’s our goal to provide you with:

  • The best piano and organ values anywhere
  • Extraordinary customer care product knowledge with high energy and enthusiasm
  • Exciting and inspirational lesson programs

We would like to personally thank you in advance for telling your friends and colleagues about our stores, piano lesson programs and method books. The referral of family and friends is the greatest compliment one can receive. Thank you for your trust.

Matt & Debra Perez

Meet the Founders

Matt and Debra Pérez

Since 1979, Medardo “Matt” and Debra Pérez have brought music to life in South Texas. Matt says, “As pianists, music educators, and retailers, everything we do at Valley Keyboards and The Piano Gallery is inspired by our love for music, our passion for music education, and our devotion to expanding the music and arts culture in our community.

The vision and guiding values are based on the simple and compelling belief that both appreciating and making music is for everyone. At any age, at any level, making music truly can enhance the quality of life.”

Matt and Debra will be honored by the Valley Symphony Orchestra as the 2019 Cultural Leaders of the Year at their Feb. 7 gala event, “Divas of the Symphony.” The Cultural Leader award recognizes individuals who have played a key role in enriching the arts and cultural community of the Rio Grande Valley.

The Perezes’ love for the piano began in childhood and resulted in both Matt and Debra earning undergraduate and graduate degrees in Piano Performance. Matt earned his BM and MM from the University of North Texas. Debra earned her MM at Southern Methodist and Ball State Universities.

In 1980, Valley Keyboards was formed and Matt’s journey as an entrepreneur began. As both a musician and a business owner, he was uniquely positioned to grow Valley Keyboards as a musical leader in the Valley. “I remember reading a quote from Aristotle that said, ‘Where talents and the needs of the world cross, therein lies your vocation.’ I believe that in the truest sense of the word, a vocation calls to you to express your voice, passion, and talents to the world to share something impactful and meaningful. In my mind, every life needs music and my mission is to give people something beautiful that they did not know they were missing,” says Matt.

In 2001, Valley Keyboards opened Miller Hall, their onsite venue to host performance events, master classes, and educational workshops. Miller Hall is dedicated to Matt’s beloved piano teachers, Eva, and Gertrude Miller. The Miller sisters taught piano, organ, violin and accordion lessons for more than 60 years in McAllen. “Eva and Gertrude were much more than piano teachers to me,” says Matt. “They were like beloved second grandmothers. Both teachers nurtured a deep love for classical music and inspired the discipline to strive for excellence. Naming our hall after them is my way of honoring their musical legacy and the impact they had on my life.”

Debra is director of music education for Valley Keyboards. She is nationally recognized as a group piano specialist, curriculum developer, clinician and music mentor. Her speaking credits include engagements at the Music Teachers National Association, Texas Music Educators Association, National Conference of Keyboard Pedagogy, National Association of Music Merchants, and numerous universities and music stores around the country.

Debra has co-authored three beginner piano programs for a variety of ages that are designed to create a fun and creative environment for learning. Her books are being used in studios and schools throughout the country. “I passionately believe that every child should receive a music and arts education,” says Debra. “Music should not be considered a luxury, but rather a necessity. A music education is one of the most valuable and enduring gifts we can give a child. Music training sharpens qualities of concentration and focus, develops confidence and poise, and improves listening skills, creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving. I love sharing this positive message with parents in our community.” “Musical Moments,” Valley Keyboards’ piano classes for adult hobbyists, have become a model for private studios and music schools. “I have had the pleasure of bringing the joy of music to thousands of adults who have always dreamed of playing the piano,” says Debra. “For many adult students, music becomes part of their health and wellness initiatives. This group of students requires a different approach and philosophy to be successful. The lessons cannot be about mastery and perfection. But, with a focus on enjoying the process of learning and creating fun musical experiences with their classmates, adult hobbyists are some of the most rewarding students!”

Your musical journey is just a click away.

Here’s how we do it:

Montana Donovan
Montana Donovan
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Clyde, the piano man guide, was so helpful in showing me multiple digital pianos, demonstrating all the features of each and giving me information to help make a decision. The CVP 701 was my favorite— AMAZING, it was. So many voicing, rhythms, USB to play along, recording capabilities, one finger accompaniment. . . I could go on and on! This is an impressive store loaded with acoustic pianos as well as digital in a price range that will fit any one’s pocketbook. Everyone in the store was so friendly and listened to what I wanted in a piano. Great place!
Pete Castorena
Pete Castorena
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Met with Claudio Ochoa today, I'm impressed with the store. He had explained to me all thier great excellent pianos. I am completely happy to do business with a top quality store. I'm bringing in best talented artists from Hollywood and they supply the best pianos.
Jonas Moses, PhD PA
Jonas Moses, PhD PA
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Beautiful showroom, excellent instrument displays and knowledgeable staff. The star of the show is Joe Munguia. He's bright, personable, talented and diligent. I first met him at a Costco display of his keyboard wares. Though I was not in a position to make a purchase at the time, he has remained in regular (not overbearing) and informational contact ever since. If he was only in business for the quick sale, he'd certainly have lost money devoting the time and energy he has with me, given that I am not yet a customer, after half a year (close to it, now, thanks to Joe's patience and dedication). Joe is clearly all about building great customer relationships... that is why when I do buy my keyboard, it will be from Joe and Valley Keyboards!