Summer Piano Camps

“Way Cool” Keyboarding 4 Kids

Piano Lessons for Ages 6-10

Corpus Christi
Starting February 14th - May 15th
Starting February 7th
Starting February 8th

“Way Cool” Keyboarding 4 Kids

This nationally recognized piano program will have your 6-10 year old beginning piano student playing from the very first lesson! In our “Way Cool” Keyboarding 4 Kids classes, students experience the fun of playing in their own Piano Band. This group environment provides many positive musical and nonmusical benefits, including the development of concentration and listening skills as they learn to blend together as an ensemble. Improvisation, composition and other expressive activities will have your child looking forward to each week as they make music with their friends.


  • Learn to read music
  • Enjoy playing chord charts in contemporary styles that they are accustomed to hearing and singing
  • Discover the joy found in playing duets and ensembles as they make music with others
  • Explore improvisation and the fun of creating their own styles
  • Develop their listening skills through a variety of styles and orchestrations


Do you need a different class time? New classes are always forming. Contact Us and let us know what times you are available.

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