Summer Piano Camps

Adventures of “Way Cool” Kitty

Piano Lessons for Ages 4-5

Corpus Christi
Starting February 3rd
Starting February 7th

Pre-School Piano Lessons

Children as young as age 4 can learn fundamental musical concepts and the basics of playing piano. The key to success in young children’s music education is to provide a fun and enriching environment for your child’s first experience with music.

Our piano and singing course provides a nice balance between the discipline needed to learn to play the piano and the enjoyment received through the process of making music. The course introduces musical concepts through playing piano, written work, ear training and coloring exercises as well as through singing, listening and movement activities. This variety of activities lays a foundation for a lifetime of musical enjoyment.

Included in the course are songs to sing for fun, motion songs to introduce musical responses to music, songs to reinforce specific rhythm patterns and songs to aid in the development of musical expressiveness. The songs are a mixture of familiar folk songs and original music for young children.

Do you need a different class time? New classes are always forming. Contact Us and let us know what times you are available.

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