The Benefits of Recreational Music Making for Adults

Self-Expression, Enjoyment, Relaxation, Wellness, Excitement, Vitality, Patience, Stress Release, Fulfillment, Peace, Flexibility, Coordination, Achievement, Balance, Renewal, Companionship, Humor, Self-Awareness, Laughter, Healing, Love, Beauty, Satisfaction, Mental Acuity, Comprehension, Bliss, Exhilaration, Inspiration, Pleasure, Self-Discipline, Self-Esteem, Pride, Fun, Happiness, Health

You’re Never Too Old and It’s Never Too Late to Learn

“It’s been like a dream come true for me, as I’ve wanted to play the organ since I was a child. I’ve been playing for 4 years now and I thoroughly enjoy it.”

~ Mary Sue Walker, age 71

“Playing the organ has been a blessing! I can come home after a stressful day and play music that helps relax the brain – a sense of peace.”

~ Sylvia Perez, age 88

You Can Play…We Guarantee It!