The Healing Power of Music

The Healing Power Of Music

On Aprill 16, 2019, my family and I visited The Houston Medical Center, facing the uncertainty of my wife’s pending kidney transplant. The approval hung in the balance due to health concerns, making this visit especially nerve-wracking. Yet, as we made our way along the mezzanine inside Houston Methodist Hospital, a unique sense of solace embraced us.

Passing by Crain Garden, an indoor green space resting just below us, the resonating notes of a piano created an unexpectedly calming atmosphere. Doctors, nurses, patients, and visitors congregated nearby, drawn to the soothing music. This welcomed distraction managed to alleviate our anxiety as we made our way to consult with my wife’s nephrologist.

Hospitals are often the last resort for healing, places we reluctantly visit when all else fails. However, Houston Methodist showcased a distinctive approach to healthcare, incorporating a holistic perspective that considers physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects. A Texas Medical Centers News article from 2017 highlighted the positive impact of live piano performances in hospital lobbies, emphasizing the relief it brings to patients.

“All of our hospitals have live performances in their lobby,” Hackett said. “You will see employees stop as they walk through the hallway to enjoy the music. You will see patients come down, being brought by their family members to listen. It is amazing to look at their faces and see if we can relieve a little bit of their pain or discomfort by listening to music. It makes a world of difference, and our patient experience surveys reflect that.” Houston Methodist Center for Performing Arts Medicine Receives National Award – TMC News. Houston Methodist has earned national recognition for its commitment to patient well-being through an initiative to partner with local artist and schedule live piano performances.

Personally, I wholeheartedly embrace the therapeutic impact of music, a sentiment I frequently articulate with the mantra, “Music Makes Everything Better.” Live piano music in a hospital setting holds therapeutic benefits, offering stress relief, anxiety reduction, and promoting relaxation. Universities recognizing this trend have started offering music therapy degrees, as revealed in a PBS News Hour report. How a Houston medical center is harmonizing health and performing arts | PBS NewsHour. Houston Methodist’s integration of live piano performances, particularly through the Center for Performing Arts Medicine, exemplifies a progressive approach to patient care, contributing to a positive patient experience. This belief that music transforms hospital visits into emotionally uplifting experiences is reinforced by research supporting the therapeutic role of music in modern healthcare.

The evolving landscape of healthcare is witnessed in the acknowledgment of music’s healing potential. Houston Methodist, at the forefront of this shift, recognizes the importance of addressing not just physical but also mental and emotional well-being. Our visit to Houston Methodist was not just a medical procedure; it turned into a transformative experience where the healing power of music, combined with compassionate healthcare, transformed anxiety into hope.

Receiving the news of my wife’s kidney transplant approval in the specialist’s office was a moment filled with optimism and compassionate care. This acknowledgment of our emotional well-being, coupled with the uplifting news, exemplified the hospital’s commitment to comprehensive care.

Before leaving the hospital, we recorded a Facebook live video near the Crain Garden fountain, sharing our joyous news with friends. The lingering notes of the piano music in the background served as a poignant reminder that music has an extraordinary ability to heal, soothe, and uplift even in the most challenging of times. Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to Houston Methodist Hospital for its unwavering commitment to the healing power of music.

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