How To Properly Clean Your Rodgers Keyboards

Rogers Keyboards

Many Rodgers organists are asking how they can safely clean their organ’s beautiful keyboards without causing damage.

The recommended method is to first dust off the keys using a can of compressed air. Then use a slightly moistened microfiber cloth – not paper towel – and gently wipe the keys from back to front only, not front to back, and not side to side. Do not forcefully rub the surfaces. Use separate cloths for the white and black keys. If it is necessary to remove stubborn dirt, use a keyboard cleaner that DOES NOT contain abrasives, benzene or alcohol. For sanitation purposes, it is important that the organist wash their hands with soap, not hand sanitizer, and dry them thoroughly before and after each playing.

Please be aware that using alcohol-based hand rubs/sanitizers may have a detrimental effect on your organ’s beautiful keyboards.

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