Mason and Hamlin Model BB

Mason and Hamlin
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Restored 1974 MASON & HAMLIN model BB, 6’11.5” semi concert grand piano

Since 1854, Mason and Hamlin has been celebrated as one of the finest heirloom quality hand crafted American instrument manufacturers. Mason and Hamlin pianos have earned an enviable reputation in the pantheon of hand-built pianos, equal to (if not greater than) Steinway in the hearts and minds of many piano enthusiasts. They are still in operation today in Boston, MA and know for designing and crafting a small number of premium quality pianos. The signature American sound that resonates from this particular model BB is immediately evident the moment you begin to play this magnificent instrument. Manson & Hamlin’s revolutionary innovation, the tension resonator, allows the soundboard to maintain its crown for the life of the piano, contributing to the piano’s stability and deep, rich, wide dynamic range. Mason & Hamlin pianos used finest materials with massive multi layered rims of hard rock maple, combined with expert craftsmanship; they were recognized as the world’s costliest to produce and widely accepted as one of the world’s finest pianos.

  • New pinblock
  • New strings and tuning pins
  • New dampers
  • Restored, repaired, and refinished original soundboard
  • Refinished plate and hardware
  • Five Year Warranty

Compare new at: $79,183.