1953 Steinway Model M

1953 restored Steinway model M

The Steinway name is synonymous with quality, craftsmanship, and musical excellence. Since their founding in 1853, the company has established a reputation for creating some of the finest pianos in the world, each one carefully crafted to exacting standards. From their iconic grand pianos to their more compact models, Steinway pianos are known for their rich, powerful sound, impeccable touch, and elegant design. Every aspect of a Steinway piano, from the materials used to the techniques employed in its construction, reflects the company’s unwavering commitment to excellence.

This restored 1953 Steinway Model M is a magnificent example of the brand’s legacy. Measuring 5’7″ and finished in a gorgeous satin walnut, it’s not only a stunning instrument but also one that delivers a rich, full-bodied sound that is sure to captivate any listener. The restoration process was performed by expert technicians and included new strings, new hammers, new dampers, and a refinished soundboard. The result is a piano that looks and sounds as good as new, with all of the timeless beauty and character that only a vintage Steinway can offer. Whether you’re a professional musician or a discerning enthusiast, this Steinway Model M is sure to provide a lifetime of musical enjoyment.