The Triangle for Success in Music Study

The teacher, child and parents form a triangle in the music learning process. All three sides of the triangle must be strong to make lessons successful. Each side contributes in different ways.

Teacher: The teacher’s responsibility is to teach the student not only how to play the piano, but how to practice.

Student: The student’s responsibility is to practice properly and learn to play the piano.

Parent: The parent’s responsibility is to support the student and see to it that he/she practices.

Role of the Parents:

  • Provide a good, well-tuned piano.
  • Provide a piano bench of the correct height
  • Getting the student to lessons on time.
  • Paying tuition on time.
  • Attending recitals and other activities at which parental attendance is expected.
  • Asking the child to play regularly for the parents.
  • Being supportive, interested and encouraging.