Yamaha CVP-909-B

High-Level, Matte Black, Upright Cabinet, Clavinova Ensemble Console Digital Piano with Bench

Yamaha-CVP-909-B Matte Black
Clavinova Digital Piano

Yamaha CFX & Bösendorfer Imperial Piano Samples
Binaural Sampling
GrandTouch Keyboard with Counterweights and Escapement
GrandTouch Pedals with Damper Resonance
60 Popular songs
Piano Room with Session Mode
Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM)
USB to HOST (MIDI & Audio)
USB Audio (MP3/WAV) Recording and Playback
Vocal Harmony 2
Follow Lights with Guide Mode
MIDI Compatibility with Songs in the You Are the Artist Collection
Display Output via USB

In addition to the outstanding expressive capabilities of a piano, the flagship model CVP-909 comes with a wealth of the best Styles and Voices that the CVP Series has to offer.

Experience the difference

The CVP-909 delivers grand piano touch and tone. Featuring two of the most coveted, word-class grand pianos – the Yamaha CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial. With a complete palette of stunning instrument Voices and realistic accompaniment Styles, your performance will sound better than ever. Expansive song libraries like Follow Lights and You Are The Artist make learning more fun and music education more entertaining. This flagship Clavinova CVP is truly an all-in-one musical entertainment center.

The experience of playing with a full backing band

Go beyond simply playing the piano. Instead of performing solo, you’ll be backed by an ensemble of instruments. Created with our latest technology, the CVP-900 includes an array of Styles – or accompaniments – featuring authentic instrument Voices that perfectly match the key and timing of your performance.

An authentic grand piano experience

In the CVP-900 Series, tradition meets technology in every stroke of the keys. You’ll enjoy nuanced tonal variations that respond to the way you play. True-to-life reproductions of keyboard and pedal feel. Even the acoustics heard and felt when playing a grand. The combination of these elements amounts to an authentic grand-piano experience.

Endless enjoyment from an extensive range of features

Connect a microphone and sing along as you play, follow along with built-in songs that are known around the world, connect to an app to record your performance, and so much more. The CVP Series comes packed with a variety of functions offering you endless ways to enjoy music.


The Clavinova combines over a century of acoustic piano-making expertise with the latest digital technology – all designed to give you an unparalleled playing experience. With a playability that approaches that of a grand piano, as well as beautifully expressive sound, the CVP-900 Series will inspire and motivate you to reach even greater musical heights.


Featuring the latest GrandTouch™ Keyboards with a broad dynamic range of touch and response on the level of a grand piano. Excellent consistency and nuanced expression give the pianist the utmost control over touch.


Thanks to Grand Expression Modeling, our groundbreaking new technology, you’ll experience limitless tonal variations. Any variation in the intensity and speed of your touch, and you’ll hear a nuanced difference in tone, one that’s almost identical to a grand piano.


Virtual Resonance Modeling performs realtime reproductions of the resonance created by the strings and body of the instrument – which are the foundation of a grand piano’s beatiful sound. Combined with the latest acoustic design technology, you’ll enjoy stunningly lifelike concert grand piano tone and feel.