Yamaha CSP-255-PE

Polished Ebony Clavinova, Tablet Controlled, Smart Piano with Bench

Yamaha CSP-255-PE Polished Ebony
Clavinova Digital Piano

Stream Lights
Smart Pianist
Yamaha CFX & Bösendorfer Imperial Piano Samples
Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM)
Binaural Sampling
GrandTouch-S™ Keyboard with Synthetic Ebony and Ivory Tops
1/4″ Mic Input

Music lovers who have always wanted to learn to play the piano can now fulfill what, for many, is a lifelong dream. The CSP-255 teaches anyone to effortlessly learn and master their favorite songs directly from their smart device’s music library.

Experience Excellence

The CSP-255 teaches anyone how to play their favorite songs from the music library already on their smart device. Stream Lights move towards each key to show users which notes to play and when. Based on their skill level, users can adjust the speed at which they’re learning and the difficulty of the piano arrangement as they improve.

Experience Full Control With Smart Pianist

With the Yamaha Smart Pianist app, you have full control over your instrument using your smart device. Easily choose from a wide range of instrument sounds and switch between various virtual performance spaces, such as a concert hall or cathedral, enhancing your acoustic environment.

*The app is available at the App Store and Google Play.

Play Even If You Can’t Read Music

Stream Lights guide you as you effortlessly follow musical notes and their timing with four LED lights moving towards the keys, ensuring accurate and synchronized playing as you learn your favorite songs. Use the Guide function to pause the song until you play the correct keys, helping you learn easily.

Explore A Library Of Songs And Add Your Own

The Clavinova CSP-200 Series features a wide range of songs, from popular and classical tunes to practice exercises. Easily access sheet music through the Yamaha Smart Pianist app and use Stream Lights to help guide your practice sessions. Additionally, add your favorite songs to your collection through Smart Pianist.

Instantly Play Your Favorite Tunes With Audio-To-Score

When you want to play a song, but don’t know where to begin or what to do, use the Audio-to-Score feature in the Smart Pianist App. Audio-to-Score analyzes MP3s and other audio song data and creates chord charts with over 50 varieties of accompaniment to suit your playing level. All you have to do is follow the Stream Lights.

Add Variety To Your Performances

The Clavinova CSP-200 Series offers a wide range of instrument Voices for expressive musical performance. The CSP Series Style content provides lively accompaniment for various genres, allowing for total control over your own virtual backing band.

Exceptional Playing Experience

The Clavinova combines over a century of acoustic piano-making expertise with the latest digital technology – all designed to give you an unparalleled playing experience. With a playability that approaches that of a grand piano, as well as beautifully expressive sound, the CSP-200 Series will inspire and motivate you to reach even greater musical heights.


Featuring the latest GrandTouch™/GrandTouch-S™ keyboards with a broad dynamic range of touch and response on the level of a grand piano. Excellent consistency and nuanced expression give you the utmost control over touch.


Thanks to Grand Expression Modeling, our groundbreaking new technology, you’ll experience limitless tonal variations. Any variation in the intensity and speed of your touch, and you’ll hear a nuanced difference in tone, one that’s almost identical to a grand piano.

Sound Quality

Virtual Resonance Modeling performs real-time reproductions of the resonance created by the strings and body of the instrument – which are the foundation of a grand piano’s beautiful sound. Combined with the latest acoustic design technology, you’ll enjoy stunningly lifelike concert grand piano tone and feel.