1996 Kawai CX-21D Upright Piano

1992 Kawai CX-21D Upright Piano

This is a 1996 Kawai CX-21D upright piano offers an opportunity to add a touch of timeless elegance to your musical space.  The cabinet was manufactured in the USA with action parts from Japan in 1992.  This piano stands at 47.5” and boasts a well maintained polished ebony exterior, a classic blend of aesthetics and functionality.  The piano’s tone is warm and resonant, creating an atmosphere of musical sophistication. Its responsive key action ensures a seamless connection between you and your music.  This instrument still has many years of music to offer and is perfect for an aspiring musician or a professional on a budget.

Kawai is a Japanese piano manufacturer with a rich history dating back to 1927.  They are best known for producing quality acoustic and digital pianos.  Kawai instruments are known for their exceptional craftmanship, innovative technology, and commitment to delivering a rich, resonant sound.

This piano is not just an acquisition but an opportunity to enhance your musical environment with a touch of timeless elegance and artistic expression.