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Falcone Model GF-87 Grand, Polished Ebony

The Falcone Grand Piano is a custom-made piano originally designed by Santi Falcone, who was inspired by his time as a student at Saint Cecilia Conservatory in Rome. The piano was introduced in 1982 and became a popular choice during that decade, with three sizes of grand pianos being manufactured in Haverhill, Massachusetts. Falcone pianos were known for their soundboard calibrator that tailored sound to buyer’s specifications. Falcone pianos were priced 25% less than equivalent-sized Steinway, Baldwin or Bösendorfer pianos of the time. However, the company was later purchased by Allstar Capital Operation and was closed in 1994. The Falcone name was later licensed to Sejung Corp. of Quingdao, China and was marketed in the USA by PianoDisc/Mason & Hamlin. However, the name was no longer used by 2016.

This Falcone model GF-87 measures 6’ and has a PianoDisc 228 CFX Player System.  It is here on consignment by the original owner.  This piano has a dynamic sound with a rich full-bodied foundation and crisp, sparkling highs.  The piano is powerful and expressive and creates a balance that is pleasing to the ear.  This piano is perfect for a variety of music, from classical to pop.


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